ACIMAC is the Association of Italian suppliers of plant, machinery, equipment, semi-finished products, raw materials and services for the ceramic (ceramic tiles, sanitaryware, tableware), heavy clay and refractories industries. Acimac members include the majority of the sector’s companies of various sizes based throughout Italy, although most operate in the provinces of Modena and Reggio Emilia, home to the world’s most important ceramic manufacturing district.
The Italian ceramic machinery manufacturing sector is made up of about 160 companies with a total annual turnover in excess of 1.7 billion euros. As an industrial sector that exports its technological expertise worldwide, the Italian ceramic machinery industry has an unrivalled level of excellence and produces the most competitive plants that modern technology can offer. It enjoys a world leadership position with an export share that has grown continuously and now exceeds two-thirds of its total annual turnover. It is the largest and most important industrial sector of its kind anywhere in the world, as demonstrated by the operating results that it has achieved over the past few years.
Italian technology is well appreciated in India, one of the most important area for ceramic industry. Infact India takes the third place in the world ranking of tile ceramics production (550 million sqm) and consumption (557 million sqm).


Association of Italian Manufacturers of Machinery and Equipment for Ceramics
Via Fossa Buracchione 84
41126 Modena – Italy
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